I met Varun Trikha, a committed documentary film maker and auteur from India, through our respected Estonian film director Kersti Uibo in the beginning of  the current year. Subsequent to the initial surprising emotions after getting to know about Varun’s creative vision for one of Estonia’s little culturally distinct groups ‘Setos’ living in the South-East of Estonia, I instantly became eager to know more about his documentary film project “Peripheral”  in development.

After seeing director’s previous works and getting a bit more into the project, it was clear to me that I would like to devote my professional skills to help bring the project to completion and to distribute the film amongst the openminded and creative documentary loving people everywhere. What especially appealed to me was both the author’s perspective view and also the actual extent of it. There are several layers of our (as of all humanity’s) cultural existence that the director wants to explore and present through his upcoming film. And I personally anticipate discovering how all this could speak out to different audiences all over the world.

As we are presently at the very beginning of the production of our Estonian-Indian film “Peripheral”, we would be extremely grateful for your possible support and will be looking forward to fruitful co-operation in the nearest future. In case of your further interest, please feel free to contact me directly, so I could provide you with more detailed information about our production budget&financing plan, distribution strategy and other.



With an educational background in philosophy and cultural theory
from Tallinn University, Karin Reinberg-Shestakov began as a producer in television, where she produced several drama series and various programs for almost 10 years. In 2005 she started her own film production company Revolver Film, and has produced a number of documentaries, shorts and a feature “The Wish Tree” (2008, dir. L.Paakspuu). Among the latest works there was also a feature documentary about internationally acclaimed Russian film director Alexandr Sokurov “The Voice of Sokurov”, dir. L. Kilpeläinen, (world premiere at Locarno IFF 2014) and a feature length music documentary about the mysterious nordic folk metal phenomenon “Heart of The Wolf”, dir L.Paakspuu, which ran in domestic cinemas for a month and had it’s world premiere at the Helsinki International Film Festival 2016 .
Karin is also an EAVE Producers Network graduate from the year 2011 and the
board member of The Estonian National Film Producers Association. 

Revolver Film is an Estonian independent production company to produce features, documentaries and shorts, but also to provide the production service for the attractive film and tv- projects from elsewhere. We focus on innovative and playful films by young promising authors and international coproductions.